Who Do High

Who Do High Demand/ Cultic Groups Recruit?

People do NOT Join Cults; They are Recruited!

Some common misconceptions about cults: “Aren’t cult members already weird and gullible?” and “I could NEVER get tricked into joining a Cult!”

Cult members can come from all social backgrounds, age groups and personality types. They are often idealistic, intelligent, well-educated and from a good family background. In other words, anyone can fall victim to sophisticated cult recruitment techniques that are constantly being changed and refined.

Most people are unprepared, either through education or personal experience, for the powerful impact of deceptive cult methodology. People only remain in cults due to the manipulative use of mind control and psychological coercion.  

Cults will often target people such as:

  • those who are away from home for the first time
  • university and college students
  • individuals who have recently suffered a romantic breakup
  • individuals with a recent death in the family
  • those with personal problems
  • those who are at a vulnerable point in their lives
  • elderly people living alone