How to Avoid

How to Avoid Mind Control Groups

Do Your Own Research

The fast and easy way to begin researching a group or movement you have doubts or concerns about is to:

  • Go online and do your own research   
  • Do not simply rely on other people’s advice and information
  • Use one of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Type in the name of the group you are researching followed by the word cult  
  • This may bring up a number of different search results and whilst each website may have it’s own agenda, patient reading combined with some common sense should soon enable you to form your own opinion of the group.
  • An impressive website is no guarantee that a high demand group is benign and sincere.
  • Some wealthy groups have extracted huge amounts of money  from their members over the years and can easily afford to present an impressive and convincing image that compares favorably with many major corporations

Inform Your Family and Friends

Help your children, family members, friends and work colleagues to avoid destructive groups by asking them to look at this website. Talk to them about it or email them the web address.

Inform Your Local Community

Groups you could advise in your community could include:  

  • local newspapers and magazines
  • television and radio stations
  • websites
  • schools, colleges and PTA’s
  • churches, temples and religious orders